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The Art Of Selling Your Business
From the best-selling author of Built to Sell: Creating a Business that Can Thrive Without You & The Host of Built to Sell Radio


is the founder of The Value Builder System, a best-selling author, and the host of Built To Sell Radio​.


is the founder of Selfassembled Ventures, an advisory firm focused on helping self-made entrepreneurs build sellable businesses.

Special Edition
Foreword by Glenn Grant 
8 Ways To Turn Your Service Into A Product
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9 Subscription Models Any Business Can Adopt
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A 5-Step Personal Action Plan For A Happy Exit
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The Built To Sell Radio Podcast 

Built to Sell Radio is a weekly podcast for business owners interested in selling a business 

 Nicole Loeb, Co-Founder

Glenn has a wonderful way of communicating and encouraging us to critically analyze. Through the program, we're able to identify products and services that have the potential to scale the fastest, keep accountable for specific tasks that are truly impactful, and identify areas of growth that we had previously overlooked."

"The coaching program encourages us to think differently." 

"You’re just gonna become a better leader." 

 "Your team is going to be able to see the business as a business and separate the entrepreneur from the business. The two sides of the coaching - crafting a strategy with the Value Builder and involving your team by feeding it into the EOS system are a great combo that has shown significant results to me and my team." 

Tony Fields, Founder & President

Denise Blasevick, CEO & Founding Partner

"Now we are able to see threads and patterns we didn’t know exist."

"As a business leader, it’s sometimes daunting and stressful to be confident in the long-term business decisions you take without an outside perspective. 


Working with Selfassembled has empowered us to identify and evaluate opportunities in a manner that’s best for the long-term future of the business vs. the immediate future.


We’ve really developed the ability to dig deeper into what makes our best customers our best customers and see threads and patterns we didn’t know exist in terms of best business opportunities and how to leverage them for the future"

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Is 2021 The Year You Sell Your Business?
A Free Interactive Workshop For Business Owners Contemplating an Exit
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