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Employee Engagement Matters

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A people, performance, and engagement platform.

Did You Know?
People With Infrequent One-On-Ones

Are 1.4x As Likely To Be Looking For A New Job?

We have an idea to help.


We are super excited to partner with 15Five, a people and performance management platform that takes a holistic approach by combining evidence-based software, services, education, and day-to-day practices to create highly-engaged, high-performing organizations.


What's 15five?

15Five is a People and Performance Management solution that solves the challenges inherent in managing remote and distributed teams by helping them stay focused on what matters.


The Objectives and Weekly Priorities, Check-In, and High Five features confirm priorities between a manager and their team to enable higher performance, productivity, and efficiency.

15 minutes for the employee to fill it out


5 minutes for the manager to review

Why Use 15five?

15Five is a holistic, evidence-based people and performance platform, that helps your people become their best selves,

wherever they work.

  • Software + education that drives high performance and enables your workforce to thrive

  • Day-to-day practices that deliver transparency, accountability, and high-quality feedback

  • The ideal people and performance management solution for remote and distributed teams


Feedback that yields

positive change

Stay focused on
company goals


Create a close-knit

culture of gratitude

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Ready to learn how 15Five can help your organization?
Contact us to learn more!

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