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Meet The Team

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Goals Coach, Project Manager & an HR Veteran, Passionate About Holistic Wellness

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Entrepreneur Coach & Chief Visionary

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Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Certified Value Builder,

Onewheel Enthusiast


Growth Concierge & Operations Manager 

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 Internationally Experienced Marketing MBA, Passionate about Continuous Improvement

Working from Home
Helping Self-Made Entrepreneurs

After nearly a decade of starting, scaling, and ultimately selling their business, Aspen and Glenn launched Selfassembled Ventures, a place where they could work on the next wave of their entrepreneurial endeavors. With a number of projects in the early stages of development, they are currently drawn to the cause of helping fellow entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, just as those who helped them in the past.

Sharing Their Experiences

Along their entrepreneurial journey with G2 Tech Group (now Mission Cloud Services), they learned a tremendous amount about growing a valuable business while at the same time having a keen focus on company culture and delivering an exceptional customer experience. After joining the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a global network exclusively for entrepreneurs, they quickly discovered that the best source of learning in entrepreneurship comes directly from the shared experiences of fellow entrepreneurs.

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Now on the “other side” of that adventure, they have turned their focus to sharing what they learned along the way and applied first hand to their own business, with other entrepreneurs who are looking to increase the value of their business and make it work for them.

Selfassembled Coaching

A culmination of the learnings they have to share, Selfassebled Coaching encompasses over 10+ years of combined knowledge growing a great business and developing a fantastic leadership team.


Although much of their knowledge comes from first-hand experience and a great number of well-known entrepreneurs and authors, there is one system that truly stands out from the rest, The Value Builder System. 


Developed by the highly successful entrepreneur John Warrilow, it forms the foundation of the Selfassembled Coaching experience

Value Builder System
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The Value Builder System is the foundation for our One-on-One and Mastermind Group coaching programs. It all starts with what we call the “Vision Quest,” an entrepreneurial soul-searching exercise for business owners. From here we ask you to take the Value Builder Assessment, which benchmarks your business against the 8 Drivers of Company Value, in a nutshell, the most important things a potential acquirer looks at when valuing your business. Maximizing the value of your business will not only make it more lucrative for you to own but will also position you to get the best possible price if and when you choose to sell. 

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