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 Managing Partner

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Goals Coach, Project Manager & an HR Veteran, Passionate About Holistic Wellness

With more than 20 years of experience in training and development, human resources, and business leadership, Aspen has helped various size businesses and industries from enterprise healthcare and technology to mid-size retail to small tech startups. 

Combined with her education in organizational communications and human resource management, she has gained unique insights on how human nature works, when at work, and how to best leverage it to increase individual and team productivity and efficiency. 

As a result, Aspen has a unique knack for bridging the gaps between teams to create win-win situations for the organization as a whole.  

Prior to starting Selfassembled Ventures, Aspen helped found, grow and ultimately sell G2 Tech Group, a next-generation MSP to Great Hill Partners in 2018. During her time at G2, she was Director of Human Resources and a member of the executive leadership team.


Beyond her business acumen, Aspen’s guiding principle is that of continuous improvement in all areas of life. By living mindfully and intentionally with a balanced focus on mind, body, and spirit, she uses these principles to help bring about transformational change to her clients both professionally and personally. 


When not working, Aspen loves spending time with her two sons and husband/business partner.  She also loves to paddleboard and be out on the lake in the summer, or ski with her boys in the winter and make her home surroundings beautiful year-round with her love for interior design

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