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Operations Manager & Growth Concierge

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Internationally Experienced Marketing MBA, Passionate about Continuous Improvement 
In A Nutshell 

Inspired by extraordinary leadership and fueled by the desire to help self-made entrepreneurs, Zlatina feels at home at Selfassembled.


Zlatina double majored in Business Administration and Political Science and obtained a BA degree from the American University in Bulgaria in 2016. As if that wasn’t enough, she crossed the Atlantic and pursued an MBA in Marketing at Bentley University, MA. 


In 2017 she was lucky enough to spend a blissful summer working at G2 Tech Group, where she met Aspen and Glenn and fell under the charm of their leadership style and world-class company culture. 


After graduating, Zlatina spent a year living in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she worked in Marketing Project Management for a fast-growing Danish medical devices company. 


Having lived in three different countries in the past four years, Zlatina loves meeting new people, traveling, and enjoying the simple things in life. 

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