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Transforming a Personal Brand into a Sellable Company with Amazon Guru Kiri Masters

Kiri Masters

In this week’s episode of Built to Sell Radio, John Warrillow interviews Kiri Masters, founder of Bobsled Marketing.

Kiri’s marketing agency specialized in helping companies merchandise their products on sites like and

Kiri successfully transformed a significant social media following into a valuable company.

In this episode, you’ll also learn how to: 

  • Transform a personal brand into a sellable company. 

  • Categorize inbound acquisition offers into one of four buckets. 

  • Protect yourself when agreeing to an earn out. 

  • Negotiate your deal structure to get something both you an acquirer are happy with. 

  • Recover from missing an earn out target (and still get paid). 

  • Avoid killing an acquisition offer too early in the process. 

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About Kiri Masters

Kiri Masters is the founder of Bobsled Marketing, a premier Amazon services agency for mid-market brands.

With a background in finance and a passion for e-commerce, Kiri blends analytical rigor with creative problem-solving.

An accomplished author and podcaster, Kiri’s expertise in Amazon advertising, account management, and consulting has earned her recognition as a leading authority in the field.

She is a sought-after speaker, and her insights are regularly featured in industry publications, making Bobsled Marketing a trusted partner for brands on Amazon. 


Due-Diligence: This is a comprehensive appraisal of a business or investment undertaken before a merger, acquisition, or investment. It seeks to validate the information provided and uncover any potential risks or liabilities.

Earn-out: This is a financing arrangement for the purchase of a business, where the seller must meet certain performance goals before receiving the full purchase price. It reduces the buyer’s risk and aligns the interests of both parties post-acquisition.

Letter of Intent (LOI): This document outlines the basic terms and conditions of a deal before a formal agreement is drawn up. It serves as a mutual commitment between the buyer and the seller to move forward with the transaction on the agreed-upon terms.


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