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The Psychology of Entrepreneurship with Bill Hudenko

Bill Hudenko

Have you considered the psychological toll of building your business?  

In this week’s Built to Sell Radio episode, John Warrillow sits down with Bill Hudenko, a psychologist, Dartmouth professor, and serial entrepreneur, to discuss the psychological impact of building and exiting a business.

Bill shares his personal journey through multiple exits and offers insights into the mental health challenges that come with selling your life’s work.  

As someone who has experienced these challenges firsthand, and as a professional with access to extensive data, Bill provides practical advice on how to avoid the common mental health pitfalls associated with selling your business.  

In this episode, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the psychological ailments you’re more predisposed to as a founder. 

  • Stop feeling trapped inside your business. 

  • Give up control inside your business (without going crazy). 

  • Leverage the five factors that lead to a healthy entrepreneurial mind. 

  • Balance your professional and personal life during a transition. 

  • Recognize the signs of mental health issues that commonly affect business owners. 

  • Use daily practices to maintain your mental health through the sale process. 

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About Bill Hudenko

Bill Hudenko, Ph.D., is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences at Dartmouth College and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine.

As a licensed psychologist with extensive clinical experience, Dr. Hudenko has worked extensively with children who have disruptive-behavior disorders and autism spectrum disorders (ASD). His research has included the vocal expression of emotion in children with autism and the influence of affective cues on the learning of young children. Currently, his focus is on using technology to improve mental healthcare delivery, emphasizing text-based psychotherapy and collaborative care processes. 

Dr. Hudenko has a strong background in coding and entrepreneurship, having served as CEO of three mental health technology companies: Incente, LLC, Voi Inc., and Trusst Health Inc., the latter of which was acquired by K Health in 2021. At K Health, he directed global mental health services.

He is currently the CEO of Everpage Inc., an “anti” social media company that uses AI to foster meaningful connections. Dr. Hudenko also advises several technology companies, continuing to leverage his expertise in psychology and technology to enhance the mental health landscape. 


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