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The Happy Exit

Built To Sell Radio Episode # 315

Prantik Mazumdar and his business partner Rachit Dayal built Happy Marketer, a digital marketing agency, to more than $10 million in annual revenue before they decided to sell to Dentsu Aegis Network. Mazumdar and Dayal agreed to sell for around 7 times EBITDA, 40% of which was paid up front with the remainder available in a four-year earn-out tied to the future profitability of Happy Marketer.

In this episode, you’ll be drinking from the firehose as Mazumdar describes how to:

  • Get your customers to finance your business instead of giving up equity to investors.

  • Use partners to boost your credibility and attractiveness to acquirers.

  • Get “acquisition ready”.

  • Time your exit.

  • Maximize your chances of hitting an earn-out (and the biggest mistakes to avoid when structuring your deal).

  • Use an acquirer narrative to boost your value in their eyes.

  • Pick your lawyers.

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More About Prantik Mazumdar

Prantik joined digital consultancy Happy Marketer in 2011 before growing the business to over $10m revenues and engineering a trade sale to Japanese advertising conglomerate Dentsu. Born in India. Educated in NUS Singapore. Based in Singapore.


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