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The Good, the Bad (and the Ugly) Of Selling to Private Equity

Built To Sell Radio Episode # 286

Marc Elkman built Fresh Meal Plan, a meal delivery service for healthy eaters, from an idea to $20 million in annual revenue in just three years.

Still in his twenties, Elkman earned a #70 spot on the Inc 500 list of fastest-growing companies in America. Then he caught the attention of New Heights Capital, a private equity group focused on the fitness industry. New Heights acquired the controlling interest in Fresh Meal Plan in 2016 and Elkman continues to hold a minority stake.

This interview is jam-packed with goodies, including:

  • How Elkman leveraged gyms as a distribution point

  • The importance of your network in getting a deal done

  • The biggest mistake Elkman made in negotiating his exit

  • Why Elkman’s deal was re-traded and how he will defend against re-trading next time

  • A definition for a syndicate

  • How sophisticated angel investors structure their deals

  • Why getting “deal committed” can be dangerous

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