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Inside the Mind of an Acquirer with Kevin McArdle

In his role as an acquirer, Kevin McArdle has purchased 45 businesses including three from former Built to Sell Radio guests.

Kevin McArdle

In the latest installment of Built to Sell Radio’s Inside the Mind of an Acquirer series, you’ll learn how to:

  • Distinguish between a holding company and a private equity group (PEG).

  • Prepare your business for a seamless acquisition.

  • Prevent deterring potential acquirers.

  • Ask questions to create momentum in your conversions with potential acquirers.

  • Outsmart crafty techniques employed by PEGs seeking to get your business for a discount.

  • Demystify the valuation metrics commonly utilized by PEGs.

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More About Kevin McArdle

After a stint teaching high school math, I landed in my first tech job at a booming global software company. My 15-year journey to VP was a masterclass in scaling a successful tech business and led me to start and run multiple companies of my own.

At Big Band, we’re taking those Fortune 100 principles to small companies on their next leg of growth. Being an entrepreneur can be hard and lonely.

But I know how the right guidance and support can feel energizing. When we band together, we give more people the chance to build something lasting and elevate their lives.

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