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How to Sell When Everything Is Broken

Built To Sell Radio Episode # 274

In 2004, Cesar Quintero started Fit2Go, a meal delivery service in Miami. The business delivered healthy meals to office workers in South Florida, and by 2017, Fit2Go was earning 12% profit on $3 million in revenue. That’s when Quintero decided to sell half of his business based on a four times EBITDA valuation.

Quintero kept the other half of his shares and became a passive investor, only to see the business falter when COVID devastated Miami. Quintero ended up structuring a sale of his remaining equity at a lower valuation.

Now entirely removed from the company, Quintero shares his lessons with openness and humility, including:

  • The biggest mistake he made in selling half of his business.

  • How open-book management helped him improve profit margins from 5 to 12%.

  • How his “mind trash” impacted his sale.

If you’ve been devastated by COVID-19 and want out of your business at any price, you’ll find Quintero’s story both insightful and inspiring.

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Even though he ended up selling his second tranche of equity for less than his first, Quintero remains happy with his decision to sell because he had an idea for a new business he wanted to start.

Coming up with a plan for what you want to do next is one of four factors correlated to a happy exit. To discover your performance on all four elements, get your PREScore now.

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