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How to Sell a 30-Person Consultancy for $162 Million

Built To Sell Radio Episode # 271

At age 36, Greg Alexander decided to start Sales Benchmark Index (SBI), a sales consultancy. Over the next eleven years, Alexander built the business to 30 employees who collectively generated about $30 million in consulting fees per year.

Eleven years later, Alexander sold SBI for $162 million — equivalent to roughly 11 times EBITDA.

Alexander sold without signing on for an earn-out, an incredible achievement for a service business.

This episode is jam-packed with insight, including:

  • Alexander's "80-million-dollar mistake" and how to avoid the same pitfall.

  • How Alexander was able to generate $1 million of consulting fees per employee.

  • How to productize your service.

  • Why you need to decide whether you want to "be a king or get rich."

  • How to create a killer corporate culture when everyone works from home.

  • How to handle the emotional impact of re-trading.

  • Why Alexander thinks of an exit as a stepping stone rather than the finish line.


Please note: this episode includes language some listeners may find offensive.

Alexander was able to leave SBI the day his deal closed because the business could run without him. If you’re wondering how dependent your company is on you, get your Hub & Spoke score by completing The Value Builder Assessment.

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