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From Product-Driven to Purpose-Driven

Built To Sell Radio Episode #334

Paul Nielsen

Paul Nielsen built HomeTech, a company focused on creating healthier homes by installing skylights for natural lighting and advanced systems for better air quality.

The business was generating around $1.4 million in EBITDA when an industry competitor approached Nielsen about acquiring HomeTech.

The acquirer offered $4 million which Nielsen accepted, only to have the deal fall apart in diligence a few weeks later.

Nielsen learned from the experience and eventually ended up selling for around $8 million a few years later.

In this episode, you’ll discover how to:

  • Systematize your business.

  • Transition from a product-driven to purpose-driven.

  • Calculate your walk away number.

  • Spot the “good cop, bad cop” charade.

  • Ace due diligence.

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More About Paul Nielsen

Paul was born In New Zealand and currently resides in its capital city of Wellington.

Paul built HomeTech, a national installation business in the ventilation, heating, and skylight industries. In 2017, Paul sold HomeTech to a publicly-traded company, JWI. At the time, the company was turning over $20,000,000 in revenue, and it had the highest country market penetration for Solatube products in the world.

In 2016 Paul was a finalist in EY’s NZ Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He is a member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization and has been on the New Zealand board since 2019. In that time, the Wellington membership has grown over 100%.

Connect with Paul here.

Download a copy of his book free here.

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