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Aeroport de Paris’ Acquisition of Merchant Aviation with Kiran Merchant

Kiran Merchant

Kiran Merchant spent decades as a consultant to the aviation industry, so when a boss refused to grant him an $8,000 raise, he decided to leave his employer to start his own aviation consulting firm.

Two years later, he sold Merchant Aviation to Aeroport de Paris, one of the largest aviation companies in the world for a high single-digit multiple of EBITDA.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to:

  • Attract senior-level employees when you don’t have a large budget.

  • Make your company appear much bigger than it really is.

  • Separate yourself from your company when your surname is on the door.

  • Avoid an earn out.

  • Block partners from stealing your customers.

  • Rebut a low ball offer.

  • Outperform industry average multiples.

  • Explain your decision to sell to your customers.

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More About Kiran Merchant

Kiran Merchant is a seasoned aviation expert leading Merchant Aviation, a consultancy known for innovative airport development. With extensive experience in strategic planning and project execution, Kiran has significantly contributed to over 50 international airports.

Their work includes key roles in major projects such as JFK Terminal 8, LaGuardia Terminal B, and EWR Long-Term Redevelopment.

Kiran’s expertise in navigating complex relationships between regulatory agencies, airlines, and airports has been pivotal in enhancing operational efficiencies and passenger experiences, while boosting airport revenues.



This is a comprehensive appraisal of a business or investment undertaken before a merger, acquisition, or investment. It seeks to validate the information provided and uncover any potential risks or liabilities.


This is a financing arrangement for the purchase of a business, where the seller must meet certain performance goals before receiving the full purchase price. It reduces the buyer’s risk and aligns the interests of both parties post-acquisition.

Letter of Intent (LOI):

This document outlines the basic terms and conditions of a deal before a formal agreement is drawn up. It serves as a mutual commitment between the buyer and the seller to move forward with the transaction on the agreed-upon terms.

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