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A $30 Million Bird in Hand

Built To Sell Radio Episode # 277

Before Zoom, when you wanted to meet with a group of people remotely, you used a teleconferencing service. If you lived in Canada during the early 2000s, you probably used one of Frank Cianciullis lines.

Cianciulli built Enunciate Conferencing, a telecommunications business, to $15 million in revenue and more than $5 million in profit. The company was booming and doubling every two years, which is why he hesitated at first when Premiere Global made an acquisition offer of $30 million.

But when Enunciate ran into a technical glitch causing the loss of a handful of customers, Cianciulli got spooked. He realized he had a bird in the hand and decided to accept the offer from Premier Global. For Cianciulli, it was the end of an incredible journey from a standing start to an eight-figure exit in six years.

This episode is peppered with wisdom, including:

  • How participating in awards can increase your likelihood of getting an acquisition offer

  • Why minority investors usually value your business lower than a majority acquirer

  • How Premiere Global used a boozy dinner to lower Cianciulli’s defenses

  • What it was like for Cianciulli to tell his Dad he had been offered $30 million for his company

  • Why Cianciulli broke down in tears three months after selling his business

  • Why Cianciulli says part of him regrets selling

  • The secret to buying just about any business

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Are You Emotionally Attached To Your Business?

Despite his incredible financial success, Cianciulli still regrets selling Enunciate in part because he had not separated himself personally from his company.

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