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Why Robert Glazer Sold His $28 Million Agency

Built To Sell Radio Episode #325

Robert Glazer started an affiliate marketing agency called Acceleration Partners in 2007.

Glazer never took outside capital and grew Acceleration to almost $28 million in sales before he sold a majority interest to Mountain Gate Capital in 2020.

There’s lots to like about the first in this two-part interview with Glazer including how to:

  • Know when your business may have outgrown your financial capacity to own it (Glazer will explain).

  • Distinguish between owner and manager incentives.

  • Create your phantom equity program for key managers.

  • Structure your deal with a private equity buyer.

Listen Now

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P.S.: look out for part 2 next week where we ask Glazer how he evaluates potential acquisitions in his new role of buyer of businesses.

More About Robert Glazer

Robert Glazer is the founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners, a global partner marketing agency and the recipient of numerous industry and company culture awards, including Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Awards two years in a row.

He is the author of the inspirational newsletter Friday Forward, author the Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller, Elevate, and the international bestselling books, How To Make Virtual Teams Work and Performance Partnerships. He is a sought-after speaker by companies and organizations around the world and is the host of The Elevate Podcast.

Outside of work, Bob can likely be found skiing, cycling, reading, traveling, spending quality time with his family, or overseeing some sort of home renovation project.


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