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How To Sell A 12 Employee Company For 8-Figures

Built To Sell Radio Episode #335

James Ashford had a burning drive to become an entrepreneur and start a successful business.

After a failed attempt to grow a marketing agency, Ashford knew that to build the business he had always dreamed of, he needed to make some drastic changes.

In 2016, Ashford took what little was left after his business failed and invested £4,000 in developing proposal software for accountants which he named GoProposal.

By 2020, GoProposal was a slick application with £1.5 million in revenue and hundreds of accountants using it. That’s when Ashford agreed to be acquired for a healthy 8-figure sum.

In this episode, you will discover how to:

  • Build a successful business without destroying your marriage.

  • Shorten your sales cycle.

  • Stimulate creativity for your employees through systems.

  • Leverage social media without making your company dependent on you.

  • Amplify your leverage in a negotiation to sell your company.

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More About James Ashford

Most accountants over-service and undercharge their clients. This creates a lose-lose situation, where clients don’t value what you do, and you don’t charge enough to be able to provide the level of service they actually want to pay for.

James helps accountants and bookkeepers to price more profitably, sell more confidently, and to give significantly more value to their clients.

He has achieved this in his own firm – MAP. – where along with Founder Paul Barnes, they first developed GoProposal and implemented a sales culture to ensure they were maximizing the value of their clients.


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