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Double an Offer, Without Turning off an Acquirer

Built To Sell Radio Episode # 285

Wesley Mathews built High Level Marketing, a digital advertising agency to $6.5 million in annual revenue. The business was thriving, but when COVID hit, Mathews started to question the risk he was shouldering employing 49 people. It was around that time that Mathews received an email that would change his life forever.

About Wesley Mathews

Meet Wesley Mathews – Co-founder & former CEO of High Level Marketing. Wesley is now Chief Revenue Officer of High Level Marketing that recently had a merger closing at the end of February. Previous to the merger, Wesley co-founded HLM in 2009 and grew it from an idea to $6.5M in revenue and over 45 employees. HLM thrives on Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurial run Small to Mid-Size Businesses. Wes is known as a leader in the Digital space, a scrappy Entrepreneur that thrives on relationships and delivering on clear expectations. He is direct and has a clear vision to the future.

In this episode, you’ll discover how to:

  • Juice the value of your company by leveraging four parallel ideas

  • Price your service to maximize your customer retention

  • Double an acquisition offer without pushing the buyer away

  • Structure an acquisition offer to guarantee the deal points most important to you

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