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10 Times Revenue for a 9 Employee Company with Michael Lieberman

Michael Lieberman

Michael Lieberman built Datastay, a software company that helped brake manufacturers and distributors catalog their models. 

The application proved sticky with parts manufacturers, which is why Autodesk made an acquisition offer for Datastay of more than ten times its revenue despite Datastay having just nine employees at the time of the acquisition.

In this episode, you’ll discover how to:

  • Niche down to jack up your value.

  • Protect your secrets while talking to acquirers.

  • Identify internal saboteurs that could derail your deal.

  • Survive diligence.

  • Know when you’ve pushed an acquirer as far as you can.

  • Tell your employees you’ve sold your business.

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More About Michael Lieberman

Michael Lieberman is an entrepreneur with a history of establishing companies such as Datastay, Lassoo, and Trialfire.

Datastay focused on cloud-based product lifecycle management. Lassoo and Trialfire, further ventures by Lieberman, have also made significant marks in their respective fields, with Trialfire specializing in marketing analytics and customer insight.

His career showcases a consistent ability in identifying market opportunities and developing businesses that cater to those needs.



This is a comprehensive appraisal of a business or investment undertaken before a merger, acquisition, or investment. It seeks to validate the information provided and uncover any potential risks or liabilities.


This is a financing arrangement for the purchase of a business, where the seller must meet certain performance goals before receiving the full purchase price. It reduces the buyer’s risk and aligns the interests of both parties post-acquisition.


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