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 Build a Sellable Business 

Glenn Grant

Founder & Chief Visionary

Selfassembled Ventures

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Selfassembled helps self-made entrepreneurs build sellable businesses and world-class leadership teams by leveraging two business management systems and more than 20 years of business ownership expertise.

As serial entrepreneurs ourselves, we leverage not only our experience, knowledge, and expertise but also two complementary business management systems: The Value Builder System™ and the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS).


Often referred to as the “1-2 Punch” by our Founder & Chief Visionary, Glenn, the Value Builder System helps you figure out “where you want to go,” and the Entrepreneurial Operating System helps you “get there.”


Market & Sell Your Business 

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Main Sheet LLC is a mid-market advisory firm focused squarely on sell-side engagements.  


Main Sheet will assist within any industry but has experience in technology, healthcare, consumer products, business services, etc.  


With differentiated experience in the buy-side, Main Sheet is uniquely suited to helping sellers decide between financial sponsors or strategic buyers.

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Put Your Books In Order

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SmartBooks empowers small business owners to run healthy businesses. We do this through our skilled professionals, leading technology, and proven processes. 


More specifically, we customize a mix of services based on client needs including bookkeeping and accounting, CFO advisory, tax planning and filing, and payroll and HR management on a remote basis to small and midsize businesses across the U.S.


The objective of all engagements is to enable business owners to take control of their finances, outsource most of the work to free up their time to grow their business, and improve their financial performance. Visit us at

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Post-Sale Assets Allocation 

Melinda Davis 

Founder & Managing Partner Davis Wealth Advisors 

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We serve as personal CFO for innovative entrepreneurs and executives—who want to focus on what they love.

Are You a Self-Made Entrepreneur? 

Selfassembled helps self-made entrepreneurs build valuable businesses and world-class leadership teams by leveraging two business management systems and over a decade of business ownership expertise.


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